A preschool experience offers children the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, self-regulation, and social skills before getting into the stream of a regular school. This may be viewed as a launching pad for the kids to prepare them for the challenges they are to face once they enter into a school. In the times when the education centres have been metamorphosed into business outfits and institutions in the name of preparatory schools are mushrooming day in and day out, it becomes a daunting task for the parents to zero in on a good and affordable preschool.

Extensive researches over time have proved that children begin to form basic cognitive abilities in their earliest years. Young children not exposed to letters, numbers and social skills and are more likely to fall behind those who have had these experiences, thus making quality preschool and pre-kindergarten programs in the area essential for long term educational success.


The kids have tender minds and they could be grooved in a desired fashion, as they are raw and have unique ability to absorb anything that is taught to them. Now, it becomes important that these tender flowers are dealt with in a delicate yet efficient manner to bring out the best in them. The onus is on the preparatory schools to adopt right means to teach right things in a right manner. At KIDDI FORT, we have prepared a peerless and specific lesson plans for maximum outcome. We believe that the objective of the preschool education should be to give a definite direction to an indispensable part of the educational system as a whole, and we thrive on it.

Times have changed and the traditional evaluation of a kid’s performance is a thing of past. New and efficient ways of assessment have been charted out and the same are recommended. The modern educational system puts emphasis on procedures aiming at acquiring comprehensive knowledge through creative work, communicative skills, handling responsibilities, collaborative work, research and critical thinking.

We at KIDDI FORT follow conceptual and theme-based curriculum that caters to the kids’ learning abilities, skills, and personalities. Our curriculum is an extraction of the best preschool concepts that is tried and tested globally.

Entering a school or to be precise a preparatory school is an altogether a different experience for a kid. Initially, a kid is bound to show resistance towards a school environment which seems to be a massive shift from the loving and caring domain called home. Being away from his/her near and dear ones is what creates a sense of fear in the mind. In order to give kids a homely experience, we at KIDDI FORT strive to create a homely and friendly environment.

Scribbling Activity:
This activity involves writing hurriedly with meaningless marks. This activity initiates kids to learn hand coordination and holding pencil, chalk, color pencil, etc. Generally a drawing board or writing board is used.

Interactive sessions:
We time to time have interactive sessions with kids to make them feel at home. In this process we try to mold the kids into an extrovert person, so that they can express their feeling and desires, and learn communication skills.

Concept Learning:
At KIDDI FORT, we follow a conceptual curriculum that is aimed at making every kid aware of the subject given to him/her through various models and equipments.

Activity of playing with Blocks:
Playing with blocks is an interesting activity. Kids love to play and organize the blocks and in the process learn colour concept, understanding puzzles, analyzing and brainstorming.

Role Enacting Activity:
Generally kids are fond of emulating and acting as adults. So, keeping this aspect in mind, we have formulated certain activities where they are free to present themselves in adult roles such as a teacher, a doctor, a policeman, father or mother, or some sort of mimicry. Such activities not only give amusement but also help exploring hidden talents and reading the minds of the kids.

Dancing, Singing, and Music Activity:
Kids love music, dancing, and singing songs. When they are in the singing mode they are on the top of the world. Here they leave away hesitation, shyness, and stage fear. We indulge our kids in all such activities for fun and also to shed away their inhibitions.
Displaying of Creativity Activity:
Every child needs timely encouragement and accolades to build up a sense of belongingness and spirit to excel. We tend to display the best creative and innovative performances of the kids on the display board to motivate others to use their imagination and come up with innovative ideas and unique things. From time to time, kids are provided with origami papers, colour papers, plain papers, glassed papers, etc., and given opportunity to prove their creativity through paper folding, paper cutting, and drawing.

The fundamentals of the above activities are aimed at development and promoting in children imaginative approach, essential skills, positive attitude, and modern and traditional values such as:

▪ Respect and tolerance.

▪ Develop children’s sense of independence and self-perception.

▪ Acknowledge diversity in children’s unique abilities, interests and experiences.

▪ Develop interaction, cooperation and communication among children.

▪ Enhance children’s ability to research, observe, experiment, discover and solve problems.

▪ Help children to master and make better use of sources of information at hand.

▪ Encourage children to express themselves in many various ways.