The basic concept behind KIDDI FORT’s philosophy stated in our mission and vision is a result of extensive research of innovative educational methodologies, meetings with eminent educationists and study of good-quality schools. Thus, it has led to the development of some of these ideas. These ideas are by no means exhaustive and in their final form. Indeed nothing is permanent and even these ideas are likely to change for betterment if and when required, as the process of learning is a continuous one and we ourselves learn more about what delivering good education is all about.

The five dimensions of innovations of our concept:
Child-centered innovations
Pedagogical (academic) innovations
Constant research and implementation of innovative ideas and technology
Infrastructural enhancement for improved learning process
Implementing latest social trends and educational developments

The functionality of the Curriculum
Our preparatory training will emphasize on:
Collaborative Learning
Less of Direct Instruction
Learning through play way and student inquiry

Our curriculum offers a balance of child-directed and teacher-directed activities, passive and active learning activities, planned and free options, and small and large group sessions.

The daily set of activities will be carefully chosen from the activities mentioned below according to the developmental needs of kids at different age groups and time.

Parallel to the above curriculum, we have developed a month-wise theme-based course of study. Practically, we strive to cover all the aspects that are mentioned above.

Our kindergarten curriculum is framed keeping in mind the various induction criteria of the most reputed schools. Due to our sincere effort and commitment towards parents, we always strive to bring out the best from our students which ultimately help our kids to qualify any interview/test without facing any hurdles. Our record speaks volumes about our efforts, as kids from our school have been admitted to various reputed schools in the area.

Play Group:
Introduction to colour, shapes, and sizes.
Introduction to English Terminology and Numbers.
Introductory General Knowledge
Multiple Activities
Nursery Rhymes

Introductory English
Introductory Counting and Numbers
Basic General Knowledge
Multiple Activities
Nursery Rhymes
Developing Writing Skills

English (oral and written)
Hindi (oral and written)
Mathematics (oral and written)
General Knowledge
Developing Writing Skills
English conversation

Note: For detailed information on curriculum, please visit us at our preschool.